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Lights Out

All the lights were out, but they could still see each other clearly in the glow of the television. It would be easy enough for her to keep him distracted; all she had to do was smile. When she flashed her perfect teeth and the skin around the corners of her eyes slightly wrinkled, he was always stopped immediately, regardless of his word or thought or deed. They snuggled close together as they had for what seemed a lifetime. Her head lay tilted against his chest; his arm cradled her frame protectively, lovingly. They had seen the movie a hundred times. It was her favorite. The volume was hardly audible, but they didn’t need to hear the lines. She would laugh before the joke was told and he would grin because of her joy instead of in response to the pictures dancing on film. Each time he tried to speak, she would sweetly shush him and point toward the glowing screen. She kept her face forward, but she could feel his eyes upon her. They were caressing her cheek, running over her lips; they memorized every line and color and bend. “Watch the movie!” she would whisper and he would shift his gaze ahead. But she knew he was still watching her from the corner of his vision; trying his hardest to pretend to enjoy the movie although his mind was completely taken with her. She soaked it all in. Even as she chastised him, she was not watching the story unfold before them either. She was blushing and absorbing his admiration as she moved with the rise and fall of his breath and fell into a rhythm with the beating of his heart. Her eyes grew so heavy. She knew she couldn’t keep them open much longer. She thought of when their children were babies; how they’d fight sleep with all the energy they had.  She let out a little laugh at the thought of her babies; now with babies of their own. She turned to face him, meeting his gaze. With each blink of her eyes it became harder to pull her eyelids back up to continue their stare. She knew it was time to stop being silly and give in. As her eyes fell shut, still fixed on his face, she saw him mouth the words “I love you.” And as her lashes lay softly atop her cheeks, everything faded to black. He shifted slowly as to not disturb her and reached over the railing of the hospital bed. Once his cell phone was in hand, he pressed a single button. The call was connected with a subtle click followed by ringing that seemed so loud that it echoed through the quiet room. A groggy voice, fresh from slumber, answered the call. “She’s gone.” he said with a catch in his voice, and then he began to weep.