Monthly Archives: April 2015

Fabric Scraps

If it isn’t monogrammed, is it really yours? This is the general sentiment here in the South. I may not understand it, but I am surrounded by this mentality. I own a store that provides embroidery, and I’ve seen some crazy things that people wanted monogrammed. And I’ve seen some crazy things that people wanted embroidered on said bizarre items.

Lace collars, seersucker shorts, and all things Little Lord Fauntleroy are plastered all over the Southern male from birth until the kid is old enough to figure out he isn’t getting boobies like the other little children who are dressed like girls, and revolts against his mama by kicking and screaming in the aisles of Wal-Mart until she succumbs to her son’s overwhelming desire for a graphic tee.

For the girls, its hair bows large enough to plop atop an automobile being gifted in a Lexus commercial, ruffles on pants, monogrammed everything, and appliqué. The latter has become the status update of the apparel world. For instance, if you think your little daughter is a little princess, you take scraps of fabric and sew it to other fabric in the shape of a princess and embroider the words Little Princess above or below the fabric stuff. If they are turning one, you sew a cupcake or candle or whatever and embroider the word ONE. Maybe you’re going to have another baby. Big Sister would be the way to go. You can have whole parties planned around the theme of your kid’s appliqué. Photo shoots, Christmas cards, birthday parties, school pictures, major and minor holidays…there really isn’t a reason for a day to go by without putting your young daughter in a shirt with an appliqué.

Considering the Southern lady’s love of a monogram, and the unfortunate reality that Southern women over the age of thirty also think it is acceptable to wear clothing with the prominent display of Disney characters, glitter, and/or ruffles at the end of one’s sleeves and pant legs; I think it is time to introduce the adult appliqué. Maybe some fabric scraps sewn into the shape of a beer mug with Sloppy Drunk embroidered above it. Maybe some nice suede sewn into the shape of a prescription pill bottle with Medicated embroidered below. How about a cute patchwork puppy that states Bitch. The possibilities are endless, really. I mean, most of us are already looking at others and judging them for who we think they are. Why not take out some of the guess work?