Three Fortune Cookies

The waitress placed the bill on the table along with three fortune cookies.

Dozier: “I hope this fortune is better than the last one I got.”

Me: “What was the last one?”

Dozier: “It told me to focus on the color yellow and I would find luck.”

Me: “What happened?”

Dozier: “I had to pee in the middle of a football game.”

Scout: “Mine told me to stop looking and I would find what I was seeking. It took two years, but I finally found that game I was looking for.”

Me: “What does this one say?”

Dozier: “Your talents will be recognized and rewarded. Pfft! Tell me something I don’t know.”

Me: “Read Scout’s.”

Dozier: “Giving to charity will give you pleasure.”

Scout: “What’s charity?”

Dozier: “It means give something to people less fortunate. Hey, why don’t you give them that game you found?”

Scout: “I don’t think so. The last time I did what the stupid cookie told me to do I went two years without my favorite game.”

Dozier: “What’s yours say, Mom?”

Me: “Focus on the color purple and you will find luck.”

Dozier: “Eww….purple. That can’t be good.”

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