Of Pepsi and Pirates: a Converstion with my Kids.

Dozier: “If we were pirates, we’d be drinking rum right now. That’s really all the pirates drank – rum. In fact, they probably stayed drunk all the time. Maybe that’s why they did such bad things. I’m just saying.”

Scout: “I bet they would have liked an ice, cold Pepsi.”

Dozier: “They would have probably killed for a Pepsi. You know the pirates back then were a lot worse than the ones now.”

Scout: “Pirates don’t exist now.”

Dozier: “Yes, they do. They rob people on yachts and stuff while they’re on vacation.”

Scout: “Well, they didn’t exist in pre-historic times.”

Dozier: “True that. But there were other dangers.”

Long pause…

Me: “Why Pepsi?”

Scout: “Not everybody likes Fresca, Mom.”

Dozier: “It is an acquired taste.”


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