After the Final Rose: Anticipation

I was thinking today about the soon to be aired After the Final Rose episode of the Bachelor. These are always pretty lame and just seem like a way to drag out the season. I suppose that some good has come from them. Bachelor Bob Guiney met his wife (now ex-wife) Rebecca Budig (the first Skating with the Stars winner) when she hosted the wrap up episode of season two of the Bachelor, “Aaron and Helene Tell All.”  We had Jason dump Melissa and say he really wanted the other chick, Molly, in one episode of After the Final Rose. We got to watch this season’s bachelor, Brad Womack, squirm to try to explain why he didn’t pick anyone back in 2007. But all in all, it’s a stupid show.

However, I’m looking forward to it this year just to see crazy Michelle. You know they will have her tucked away back stage and bring her out to face the women right after showing a montage of her wishing black eyes and killer monkeys on the girls. The question is how will she react? Will she embrace her inner (and often outer) crazy? Will she pull a Camille Grammer and claim it was editing (which is basically pulling a Jessica Rabbit and saying, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way”)? Will she wear a sequined hug me jacket and will they pad the walls of her back stage waiting room? Will the other girls wear head-gear and bullet proof vests for protection? Will ABC hire the same security used on the Jerry Springer show? How many of the girls will still be sporting the Emily side braid?

There are just so many questions. For once, the After the Final Rose may be more exciting, um, i mean “controversial” than the actual final rose!

Oh, and does it shock anyone that Michelle Money has an IMDb page with multiple acting credits prior to being on the Bachelor including a movie, Midway to Heaven, that was released this month? Which brings me to the next topic. Will ABC ever just have a season of the Bachelor with normal people?  Only time will tell.

P.S.    ARGH!!!!! I realize that everyone wants to be a star, but why did ABC tell us she was a hair stylist? Why not just say she was a hair stylist/aspiring actress? i suppose she was crazy enough that they didn’t need to stir the pot by having the other girls accuse her of being there to further her career.

From the Midway to Heaven website:

Meet the Cast:

“Michelle Money plays Carol in Midway to Heaven. She was born and raised in Holladay, Utah. She has had a passion for the arts since her earliest memories. In her younger years, her creative expression was found in musical composition and poetry but as time went on her artistic mind evolved into something much more. Her career started at the young age of 14 when she landed her first music video for the then superstar boy band, The Backstreet Boys. From then on her career took off. Michelle started booking numerous modeling and commercial work for companies such as McDonalds, Reebok, Franklin Covey, Master Card, Verizon, Union wireless, Jolt Cola, NuSkin, Intel, Morgan Jewelers and many more. After 13 years in the Industry, Michelle began focusing more on her love of acting. She has since booked numerous roles in television and Film such as: The Eleventh Hour, Justin Time, and Blank Slate.”


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